Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Dear Douglas Hogg, guilty associates at Westminster (all parties)

Hold up a sec! Whoooaaah! Slow down there!

That's better. Now, I hope you don't mind, sir, but I just took a shit in your moat.

It wasn't an act of democratic reform per se, but it was within the spirit of democratic reform.

Regards (you disgusting, estate-owning, non-mortgaged, rich cunt),

PS - You couldn't fork over a few quid for some bog-roll, could you? I promise I'll get a receipt.

PPS - [Insert flippant Hogg/trough pun here].

1 comment:

Rigel said...

No messin this is a filthy sleaze lesson. He has a very, very large house and he shows em how to use it.