Sunday, 21 June 2009

Dear Steve Jobs (II)

Re: the below. I take it all back. Apparently The Stig took his hat off on Top Gear tonight.

All around the country, one can hear the clackety-clack of a million tiny lives reverberating in unison, all Tweeting worthless proclamations of shock and awe. Yes, I can almost read it now, without having to go anywhere that puss-filled carbuncle of a webshite hell-bent on turning us into micro-blogging, monosyllabic automatons incapable of basic verbal communication...

@PointlessExistence: OMG! Bloke is some bloke! Fuck me! Thort it would be some other bloke! LOL

(...And yet most of my posts contain less than the requisite number of characters for a so-called 'Tweet'. God help us, we're all fucked).


PS - When I say I take it all back, I meant just the part about not giving a fruity hoot for your shitty liver. Obvo.