Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Dear Michael Gove, Sky News

I'm going to put this very simply, because it's something that you, your fellow Ministers, Sky News, the BBC and, well, apparently just about everyone else doesn't seem to quite grasp.

Young people are fed up of feeling powerless. They are fed up of being lied to, and justifiably fucking sick of having to be the ones to pay for a crisis of capitalism they did not cause. They are fed up of being told that their interests or aspirations can be clinically demoted to second-class subjects unworthy of funding due to some arbitrary pronouncement of value based on "what's good for the market".

It's about them being fucked, relentlessly, by you and yours, and you wondering why they aren't lining up to say thanks. Understand this, and you will understand the fundamental reason why a brick is currently winging its way towards your head.

Get off my TV, you blithering fucking cunt.


PS - Report it fucking properly, for the love of all that's decent.