Monday, 23 January 2012

Dear Michael Cocking Gove (II)

I noted with great interest your invitation for the public to Tweet you questions using the hashtag #AskGove.Link

A preliminary scan of Twitter yields a vertiable smorgasbord of tantalising teasers (most of them, admittedly, honing in your spurious lack of qualifications for the post of Education Secretary), including such hot-to-trot dillemas as:

"Why are you saying your changes will take ten years to have an impact,
yet you want to sack teachers in a term?"

"Why do you insist on discrediting every educational achievement I get?
It's not actually easy to get 9 A*s as GCSE and 6 A's at AS"

"Would you accept the new average teacher pension to survive on?
Would you work until 68?"

"Who will replace the teachers who are sacked for being inadequate,
considering the inadequate teachers beat others to the job?"

- Tough cookies, all. However, I don't suppose it'll come as any great surprise to you that I've decided to cut through all this idle conjecture and get right to the nub of the issue. Are you ready? Here's my question:

Childish, unhelpful, unconstructive... but enough about your education policy.

All the best,

PS - @davismclelland if you'd like to reply, though I suspect 140 characters probably isn't enough to cover even the most basic overview.

PPS - Oh, pipe down, you humourless prick.