Sunday, 31 July 2011

Dear George W. Bush

I know it's been said before, George, but you're a dumb motherfucker, aren't you? I mean, like, really, really dumb. I realise that it's pointless debating concepts as weighty as ethics or common sense with someone for whom "fostering a culture which protects the sanctity of human life" squares up directly against killing thousands of innocents in another 'just' war, but we'll let that slide for now. Let's talk money, wonga, casheroo.

Yes, George, for while I'll freely admit to knowing absolutely piss-all about economics, even I know that it's better to be in surplus than in deficit. How's that altruistic tax plan of yours working out now, having pissed it all away in a display of short-sighted expediency which even Mr. Magoo would've been forced to blink twice at?

Oh, George, I picture you now, sat at home on your million-acre ranch in Texas, feet up on the porch swing, kicking back with a non-alcoholic 'brew' while watching the deficit crisis unfold on TV. You turn to Laura, a look of bewildered, childlike innocence etched on your face, and limply enquire: "Did I do that?"

Yes, George, you did. You took the largest budget surplus in US history and turned it to shit. You plunged the country into various ongoing military crises which plundered the public coffers, gave back millions of tax dollars to the few who needed it least, and casually allowed your buddies on Wall Street to play Russian Roulette with the nation's 401ks because that's the 'beauty' of the free market. Well done, George. Well done, indeed.

The thing about not being able to see the woods for the trees though is that history will judge you, George, brutally so. You stupid, stupid motherfucker.


PS - I think it's time, in the light of this report, for even the most conservative ideologue to finally admit that money and America are two things which simply shouldn't be allowed to mix.