Friday, 18 December 2009

Dear Radio 5 Live

This shit - I'm talking about THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE - was honestly worth the entire year's license fee alone.

However, I do have to ask a serious question about your editorial logic. Since when has this band ever voluntarily censored themselves when it didn't involve strapping gaffer tape to their gobs and whipping their cocks out onstage? The clue is sort of in the lyrics, douchebags...

I honestly can't decide what I enjoyed more: the sound of Zack DLR dropping a cheeky "Merry Christmas" before proceeding to shout and scream for five minutes, or the thought of some stuffy BBC producer politely asking them not to swear and them replying "Yeah, sure, no problem" before quietly snorting to each other: "As IF..."

Dearest Rage: I cannot tell you the amount of love, respect and adoration I hold in my heart for you. With the exception of the dodgier tracks on Renegades (and Kick out the Jams really was absolute bollocks any way you slice it), I cannot think of a single thing in your entire career that I didn't wholeheartedly approve of. Please make a new album. PLEASE tour again.

Still fucking shit up, 17 years on? Now THAT's subversion.

Keep on raging, motherfuckers. UH!!!