Friday, 23 October 2009

Dear Voters

Following the frankly ass-poor performance from your man Nick Griffin on Question Time yesterday, I'd like to propose a new standard by which we measure the BNP's electability. This is a serious point now, one which hopefully ought to cut through all the hypocrisy, mud-slinging and slander.

Are you ready? Here it is. Don't not vote for him because he's racist - don't vote for him because he's rubbish!

I'm serious! Did you hear that shit? Let's do a quick recap for any of you who missed it:

Q: "What about that picture of you with the leader of the KKK?"
A: "...Er, yeah, but he's not a bad bloke!" - EH-ERRRRRR! RUBBISH!

Q: "Why have you decided to stop denying the Holocaust?"
A: "Well, I can't tell you why, exactly..." - EH-ERRRRRR! RUBBISH!

Q: "When you said that Hitler was, like, your hero and stuff..."
A: "I never said that!"
Q: "Yes you did, I saw it on Youtube five minutes ago."
A: "Er, yes, well..." - EH-ERRRRRR! RUBBISH!

I hope this clears up any doubts you may have had.

(Of course, don't vote for him because he's a massive racist as well, the hideous fucking Baron Greenbach-lookin' fuck-eyed motherfucker...)


PS - On the plus-side, at least now he's now had a taste of what a lynching might feel like.