Saturday, 27 November 2010

Dear Record Labels

I'm a big fan of ['x' band]. I've been following them with interest since their early singles, taking the time to hunt down the latest 7-inch or legally downloading each new offering upon release so that I can fully savour the fruits of their labour. I've travelled to go and see them live, bought a T-shirt after the gig to show my support and done my very best to spread the word to friends and family about this amazing new band I've come across.

I was therefore understandably keen to hear their latest album, and promptly took a special journey to my local record store to purchase it in the week of release. I paid full price for the album, because I believe in the value of respecting music and understand that supporting artists in this way is essential to providing them with a sustainable future. I also hoped that by buying it upon release I might be able to contribute to a groundswell of momentum amongst other like-minded fans, thus propelling it towards the chart and perhaps even greater attention.

The record itself is great, I really like it. It's exactly what I might expect from a band whose work I've been interested in ever since they first graced my ears. I fully intend to continue supporting them in future, as I find myself moved by their sentiments and excited by their passionate, heartfelt delivery.

All of which makes it a little irksome that you've now decided to re-release the album in a 2-disc 'Special Edition' featuring a host of extra videos, demos, out-takes, offcuts, new tracks, B-sides and live performances. It'll only cost £1 more than the original price I paid, but it now contains double the content.

As I say, I'm a big fan of the band, but in order to get access to these new features, I'll need to physically purchase the album again. My questions, then, are these. Will I be getting a refund for the difference? Will I be able to exchange my existing copy with you as a goodwill gesture? In short, will my loyalty to the band as a 'true fan' be rewarded?

Will it fuck. Next time, I'm going to steal it for free off the internet. In case you were wondering, you were the ones who brought this on yourselves.