Monday, 1 March 2010

Dear Jason Derulo

- "Davis McLelland...!" 

You see how ridiculous that was? Me saying my name right at the start of this post before anything else had happened? Funny, as it seems to be a rather mystifying habit of yours. Have you forgotten who you are or something? Do you need to keep reminding yourself at the start of every song, in case you get an attack of the Jovi and bust out the chorus of Livin' On a Prayer?

Coupled with the picture below, I can't help but think that this faintly ludicrous quirk confirms my deep-seated suspicion that you may actually be a little simple.

(That's a great look for you, by the way. No, no, I'm being serious. The mall-bad-boy-cum-teen-div look could prove a big hit this year).

- "Davis McLelland...!"