Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Dear Beyonce (3)

Come on now, we've been over this several times before. However, it seems that while you insist on peddling your dumbed-down brand of boob-flashing regresso-feminism to an all-too eager "sisterhood", I suppose we're going to have to have it out yet again.

"Who run the world?", ponders your latest musical affront, before offering the seemingly-unimpeachable rejoinder: "Girls". It's a noble thought but, for your own reference, I've attached a useful set of pointers which may prove more enlightening should you find yourself in the least bit concerned with furthering the cause of women's lib. To wit:

Who wrote the track? Blokes.
Who retain the bulk of the publishing and royalty rights? Blokes.
Who write the cheque? Blokes.
Who make the video? Blokes.
Who control the means of production, marketing and distribution? Blokes.
Who run the record label? Blokes.
Who run the conglomerate which owns the record company? Blokes.
Who stand to profit most from your endeavours? Blokes.
Who sustain the dominant economic hierarchy? Blokes.
Who strut around in her underwear, jiggling her 'booty'? You.

- So... remind me again who run the world...?