Friday, 28 January 2011

Dear BBC Question Time producers

Thanks, Beeb, for allowing fuck-me-eyed, Satan-nosed, lamp-me-faced "Apprentice Star and Businesswoman" Katie Hopkins to make an appearance on last night's Question Time.

I felt her contributions really added vital discourse to the pressing issues facing today's society, as one might expect from someone whose construction of the pecking order of life runs thus:


Might I suggest that if you find the panel similarly short-staffed in future, you instead plump for a scrofula-ridden tramp. At least that way we can feel good about our licence fee at least being funneled towards a faintly worthy cause.

Thanks, in summary, for doing your bit to ensure gender relations are set back another half-century.


PS - Katie: when the English Defence League thinks you're doing something right, it's a fair indication that you have got it very, very wrong.

PPS - You can cut that cunt Will Self off at the bel-end too while you're at it.