Thursday, 19 July 2012

Dear BBC News

What's wrong with this article, as featured on today's Birmingham and Black Country News? Is it the headline and opening paragraphs, in which you describe what's happened...?

...No, that seems to all be in order. So is it the next part, which provides additional context and information about the case?

...Nope, that seems okay as well. So maybe there's some fault to be found with the next few sections, in which we get the  Judge's comments upon passing his verdict.

...Again, nil problemo. So perhaps, then, it's the very end of the piece, in which - after heartfelt pleas for restraint from the presiding magistrate - you proceed to publish the NAMES AND ADDRESSES OF THE ACQUITTED DEFENDANTS...?

You know, it's strange - despite this information being reproduced here for the sole purpose of gobsmacked and incredulous illustration, even I had the basic decency to not dish out names and Google map directions to any brickbat-wielding vigilante who might fancy having their say on the case.

Well fucking done, Anonymous Reporter. WELL FUCKING DONE.


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