Thursday, 19 April 2012

Dear Norm Lurie of Larrikin Music (2)

I'm not sure if you recall our previous conversation, but I thought that it was perhaps worth a quick follow-up in light of today's tragic news.

My question, I suppose, is this: are you happy now, Norm?

In case you didn't hear me okay the first time, I'll repeat it. I said:


I wonder, in all seriousness, how you'll sleep tonight. In the meantime, well done to you and your team of leeching bean-counters at Larrikin. Well done. Fucking round of applause.You absolute shitbag.

Go to fucking hell,


Anonymous said...

"Go to hell" - let's hope so. No Australian should buy any release from Festival Records and hopefully cost them more money than they greedily obtained.

Anonymous said...

Well said Davis, I couldn't agree more.

Norm Lurie, you money grubbing turd - we all hope you rot in hell.

Bob Clark

Anonymous said...

Umm ... Festival Records no longer exists and this is to do with publishing, not records. None the less, go to HELL Mr Norm Lurie. Interestingly, although Larrikin 'won' the court case, they would have outlaid way more than they gained from bringing the suit. I hope Lurie's retirement is anything but happy

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Your legacy is to be remembered as a money grubbing, lowlife piece of shit Lurie, well done!