Thursday, 23 February 2012

Dear Royal Bank of Scotland, UK Government, World

I notice that RBS has reported an annual loss of £2 BILLION today, up £0.9 BILLION from last year's total of £1.1 BILLION. Top-notch work in turning that shit around, bang-up job, backslaps all round, well fucking done.

"Yeah, alright, I admit, I probably don't deserve that new Ferrari."

And yet, despite this, those HEROIC INVESTMENT BANKERS from RBS will still be sharing a bonus pool of £390 MILLION (of our £45 BILLION, which we still haven't got back and apparently won't be doing for the forseeable future) between them.

An investment banker, saving the world.
Thank GOD for them!

Now, granted, I only have a borderline B-grade in GCSE Maths (certificate provided on request as proof), and am admittedly a bit hazy on the complex ins-and-outs of this global Economics malarkey, so I was wondering if you could just answer me this simple question:






Give it fucking back. It's not yours, it's ours. GIVE IT FUCKING BACK.

In short:

Up yours, and I'm dead fucking serious, go fuck yourselves and die somewhere miserably, horribly, wretchedly, every last scum-sucking fucking one of you,


PS - I can feel my mask of sanity slipping. At the rate we're going, it's going to have to be suicide, but rest assured: you're all coming with me.

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