Monday, 16 January 2012

Dear BBC News website; Reporters & Journalists nationwide

Oi oi! Just clicked on a very interesting-looking article on your homepage which I felt warranted further investigation. To wit:

Blimey, this one looks like it's going to get interesting! One of our most beloved filmmaking houses embroiled in a row over insensitive material in their latest family film? Do go on...

Crikey! Aardman have really got it wrong here, haven't they? Perhaps you could fill in the blanks with a bit more exposition though, just so we really know what we're talking about here.

Good work! A terse and factually accurate description of the moment in question - I think all the article needs now is the opposing faction's perspective, in order to provide a more rounded view of the conflict:

Bravo! Excellent reporting! Well-sourced, objective, brilliantly reasoned, mercifully free of flab, and it -

Oh, for FUCK'S sake.

Despairing regards,

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