Thursday, 27 August 2009

Dear Big Brother

BUH-BYE, Big Brother. BUH-BYE.

You looked under every rock, checked every sweaty crevice of society, dug your nails deep into the winnet-caked skid-mark on the pants of humanity and brought us the worst of the worst. You scraped the detritus off the arse of pond-scum and put it on the telly. You gave us racists, idiots, attention-seekers, no-marks, exhibitionists, clowns, and an all-too loathsome focal-point for the ME ME ME Generation. Most unforgivable of all, you brought us Jade Goody (God got wise to that particular ruse and sorted her out with cancer though, so that's all good).

You got people to wank each other off under the sheets in a desperate scrabble for ratings. You got them to scream at one another. You clogged the airwaves with hour-long shots of morons sleeping. You did the unthinkable and made The Truman Show a reality. And now you are no more. I bet the hacks at Heat magazine are weeping into their designer Cola. 

Thanks for lowering the tone for 10 long, miserable years. Thanks, Endemol. Thanks, Davina. Thanks, Big Brother. And BUH-BYE.


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