Thursday, 5 February 2009

Dear Beyonce (2)

RE: Single Ladies.

Congratulations on your latest contribution to the ongoing education of a generation of women into believing they're, like, "well strong" because you and Christina told them so. It remains a continual source of interest to me that two such admirable young role-models seem to have got where they are today predominantly through shaking their arses and dressing in a bikini. I'm fairly sure Aretha never gave it any of that, but maybe I missed her Playboy centrefold that month.

" - Shoulda put a ring on it"? Not unless it's one of those kerosene-soaked tyres from the beginning of that particularly nasty episode of The Shield, love (telling use of the indefinite article in your hookline, though). FYI, the sentiment might be a bit more convincing if you were indeed a "single lady", rather than a happily-married woman with a lucrative line in cosmetic contracts hitched to one of the richest men in music. Girl power!