Sunday, 27 July 2008

Dear Anthony Minghella

While it’s never my intention to piss on anyone’s bonfire, personally I always thought your films were fatuous, overblown, needlessly-worthy Oscar-chasing affairs with all the emotional resonance of a Spot the Dog book.

That thing you did about the African bird’s detective agency was fairly insulting to people of both colour and intelligence, and I would appreciate it if the BBC could stop wanking on about what a loss you are. Presumably the next time they need a prestige film to slap on at 9:15pm on Easter Sunday they’ll just have to plump for the latest Keira Knightley vehicle from Miramax instead.

I’m pretty sure that when the history of art is written, your name won’t be anywhere near the shortlist. The Talented Mr Ripley was quite good, mind.

Warmest regards,

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